High Dividend Paying Scandinavian (Nasdaq OMX Nordic) Stocks in August

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I'm on my way of building a million dollar retirement account from scratch by the time I will turn 60 (in 2045).

Right now, in July 2017, I've reached about 0.65% from my goal. My investments this year have been spread across peer to peer lending, dividend paying stocks, mutual funds, cash and even crypto currencies. If you are interested in current progress, see dividend income reports

I had an idea of building monthly dividend paying stock portfolio and I started to build it from equities bought at the Baltic's (Nasdaq Baltics), right now there are 9 dividend paying stocks from this region in my portfolio, generating passive income (dividends payments) in  May, June and July,

I was looking to acquire more dividend paying stocks in the Baltics, but currently there is nothing interesting around horizon, most probably, I will miss a dividend payment in August, as there are no equities from my portfolio with dividend payments in August 2017.

Dividend Paying Stocks In Nasdaq Baltic Market By Yield

To not to miss a dividend payment in month of August, I started to explore my options in other regions and stock markets, first what comes in mind, for sure is the US stock market, and I'm very eager to start buying stocks there, though I'm missing some $10,000 to open a discount stock brokerage account there (by the way I'm planing to open interactivebrokers.com)

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My current brokerage account offers me to buy Baltic stocks for a 3 EUR commission, while both US and Scandinavian stocks for EUR 15 commission, which actually hurts a lot

Nasdaq Baltics Review After One Month Investment in Dividend Paying Stocks

Now, as in case with Nasdaq Baltics I was looking to quickly find a dividend calendar on Nasdaq OMX Nordic market - I didn't. Finally with help of Google translate, I decided to try "dividend calendar" in Swedish, which translates as "Utdelningskalender" and then I was able to find investing.com website listing most of the Worlds stock exchanges, including Scandinavian, using a few filters I was able to find dividend paying stocks in all Scandinavian stock exchanges (Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen)

investing.com dividend calendar

investing.com dividend calendar

After a few hours of data manipulation and Google Spreadsheet, I come up with following high dividend paying stocks in Scandinavia for month of August

Country Stock name Annual Dividend Price Per Share      
        National EUR Yield
Sweden SAS Pref (SASpref) 50 547 SEK 57.38 9.14
Sweden Oscar Properties Pref (OPpref) 20 269 SEK 28.22 7.43
Sweden Oscar Properties Pref B (OPprefb) 35 510 SEK 53.50 6.86
Sweden Volati Pref (VOLOpref) 40 621 SEK 65.14 6.44
Norway Treasure (TREAS) 0.95 16.4 NOK 1.74 5.79
Sweden Treasure (TRENOK) 0.95 17 SEK 1.78 5.59
Denmark Pandora (PNDORA) 29.25 651 DKK 87.52 4.49
Sweden B&B Tools (BERGb) 5 123.75 SEK 12.98 4.04
Denmark Flugger B (FLUGb) 15 373 DKK 50.14 4.02
Sweden Oriflame Holding AG (ORIFL) 9.45 317.6 SEK 33.31 2.98
Denmark Harboes Bryggeri B (HARBb) 2 121.5 DKK 16.33 1.65
Sweden Systemair AB (SYSR) 2 148 SEK 15.52 1.35

Data source: investing.com, currency exchange rates as of July 14, 2017

Unfortunately my current brokerage account (SEB banka) doesn't offer to purchase most of the above listed stocks, with one exceptions - Denmark's Pandora. Though current price for Pandora seems way to high for me to enter Scandinavian market, and most probably I will skip aquiring it right now. On the other hand I would really love to own SAS PREF stock, but seems I need to find a better broker. 

In case of you, and if you have better brokerage account, and you are looking to acquire some high dividend paying stocks in Scandinavia, here you go. 

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The Bottom Line

Seems I will miss a nice dividend payout in month of August, as right now my current stock brokerage account doesn't cover most of the above listed stocks. Instead I will probably increase investments in peer to peer lending or buy some US stock, or... I will wait more, and maybe there will come some lucrative deal in the Baltics.