How to add contact form to Drupal

Updated: 24 June, 2014 seen 1,798

So you have your Drupal powered website, but now you are wondering how to add a contact form on that?

You are on right place. I'll show how to add a contact form to Drupal.


In case you are wondering how contact form looks like, take a look at my contact form, I just created for my blog.


Drupal out of box don't came with contact form enabled. So you gonna need to add it yourself.

There is popular module called Webform availiable for download at

Almost done. After enabling Webform, go to admin/config/content/webform, and check the box next to content type, you would like contact from appears. I have unchecked Webform, and checked Page, just because I allready have been created a About me page, and I wanted my contact form to appear on that page.
After satisfied with settings, dont forget to press Save configuration bellow.
Now, depending, did you the same as me, wanted your contact form appear on different content type than webform, or you sticked with default. Go to content type, you have added contact form.
Under my About me page, I have new tab - called Webform, by clicking what, I can edit webform settings. 
If you decided to stick with default webform option on content type, the you should go to node/add/webform to create a new one.
Once created, or editing existing content type, click on Webform tab:
Above is mine contact form settings, as you can see, you can add diferent kind of type fields to your settings. Customize it, and you are done.