How To Apply For GoDaddy Affiliate And Start Earning Money

Updated: 9 March, 2016 seen 3,436

Ok, lately I have been into diversifying my affiliate income streams and today when I got a reminder e-mail message from GoDaddy to review and renew my domain names purchased there I decided to take a look - is there actually some affiliate program for one of the worlds largest domain name sellers? Turns out there is.

GoDaddy affiliate programGoDaddy affiliate program

Here is what GoDaddy Affiliate Program is all about:

Making money as an affiliate is a snap. Just place one of our banners or links where your visitors, customers and friends will see it and you'll earn cash on every qualifying sale made through your ads. Get started by joining one of our partner affiliate networks.

Being a GoDaddy affiliate is great for both you and your visitors. Your visitors get great deals on products from the world's #1 domain registrar – and you get cash for qualifying purchases they make through your affiliate link!

Right, to actually join GoDaddy Affiliate program you should have either Commission Junction or Zanox account. Since I'm not very familiar with neither of systems, but I do have Commission Junction account, I joined using CJ. 

Now I'm waiting to be approved and hopefully next time I will mention Godaddy on my blog posts I might include my referral URL, and probably earn some commission.

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