How to deal with lost Organic Search Traffic from Google SERP

Updated: 21 February, 2016 seen 850

Update: After all I never recovered from this issue of lost traffic and dropped bellow described website after couple of months. Now looking back on this case - I don't blame Google - it was a low content quality website with thin content (although it was not made fo AdSense, I had some greater plans and goals there - I must admit - the website was useless back at that stage. If you find you have lost organic search traffic - answer on a few simple questions to yourself - have you engaged in some shady link exchange schemes lately, do you offer unique,rich content to your readers? If not - review your internet usage habits and play nice.

I might be too much paranoiac, but it is very frustrating to see ground zero results from Google organic search traffic.

I'm speaking about one my sites, I have been in trouble for some time ago with Google, when Google stopped send me organic search traffic for about 5 months at all. Last 30 days, traffic from Google did came back, but I already expressed my doubts about some Google Algorithm, that sends a constant flow of organic traffic which is not increasing (usually it does increases after some time period), but now for about 4 weeks it is still constant. And today - the horrifying 0 organic traffic.

Traffic drop from organic searches

Traffic drop from organic searches

I really don't know - should I leave it for a while, and see what happens next, or to dig in and tune up my site.

Anyway, today is bad day - no organic traffic, and no revenue from AdSense already 3rd day in a row.

Tips for getting back on Google SERP

  • Remove any unnatural back links to your website
  • Make sure you offer a rich content to your readers (Content is the King)
  • Check for Crawl rate issues on Google Webmasters
  • Check for manual penalty on Google Webmasters