How To Find Best Stocks to Write Covered Calls / Example with T, O & PBCT

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In this short video, I'm answering a blog reader's question - how to find the best stocks to write covered calls on. 


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Alright, so today's topic I want to talk about is -   how to find the best stock to write covered calls on

A few weeks ago a reader asked me a question -  how to find the best stock to write covered calls?

Before answering this question let me give you a brief background about my options trading career -  in short, I have been actively trading options for about two years.

My first trades actually were puts, not calls, I was selling put options - collecting premium and waiting for a contract to expire worthlessly just to start over.  Rinse and repeat!

Just later I started to learn about adjustments and other options trading techniques.

I decided to start safely with the so-called dividend aristocrat stocks,  and one such is T or AT&T stock

T stock has one of the highest dividend yields among dividend aristocrat stocks, paying about seven percent yield annually.

In a good year combining dividends with covered calls you could yield up to 20 percent of  income from T  annually,  I mean like dividend is some seven percent and you're writing covered calls you could get  10 - 15 %

Remember there's always risk involved when selling covered calls, and the main risk is the stock could fail significantly, say you buy it paying 30 bucks and after a week it's trading at 15 and you're losing, you're losing big.

Anyhow I started selling premiums by writing put options on T stock, it felt safe and the worst that could happen - I could get assigned a hundred shares of T. But if so I would start selling covered calls, the so-called wheel strategy game, and yeah meanwhile I would collect that hefty dividend 

New terminology, like wheel strategy, triple income and so on 

So this is what I do still today - I look for relatively safe stocks, preferably from the dividend aristocrat  list, depending on the situation either I start by writing put options  or I just buy and write covered calls on it 

My favorite top three dividend aristocrat stocks I write covered calls on I would say one of them is Realty Income (O)  stock,  one is AT&T,   and one is PBCT, People's United Bank 

The T stock is yielding about seven percent annually in dividend payments. Realty Income is yielding about four percent per year and People's United Bank -  six or seven percent and combined 

Here you go, if you're looking for some of the best stocks to write covered calls on  I suggest starting with stocks from the dividend aristocrat list or the Dow Jones list top 30.

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