How to get first 500 Twitter followers

Updated: 7 October, 2016 seen 2,973

In this article I will explain how to get your first 500 Twitter followers easy and pretty fast. 

If honest - I got my first 500 Twitter followers just today, in total it took me about 6 months, but just because of I was passive in generating new followers.

I developed my first Twitter strategy with plan to get new followers by using #hashtags and constantly (in day at least 2 times) publishing to Twitter, hopping that others will find my #hashtags and follow me, that didn't worked as expected.


So what worked, to achieve my first 500 Twitter followers in 3 days?

In above graph you can see my Twitter followers stats for last 3 month period. As you can see - most of the time follower count stays steady around 50. But then at last 3 days is growth rapid to above 500.

The Formula of Success?

The success formula comes with price:

I did the simplest thing you can do on Twitter to growth your followers - I started to follow others

I'm keeping my following/followers ratio about 2:1, which means for 500 followers, I have followed 960 other Twitter users.

Well this formula will work until you'll reach 2000 following accounts, and then it will stop, till you reach about 1:1 following/followers ratio. 

In practice it means after reaching limit we should unfollow those users who doesn't follow us back and follow new ones.

What kind of Twitter accounts better to follow?

It's better to follow accounts which have more than 2000 followers and whose following/follower rate is 1:2, so we can be pretty sure, they will follow us back.

Of-course meantime while following don't forget to post engaging content to your Twitter account and get some referrals to your website. More visits to your website, more opportunities to earn more from your website.

In case of me I'm using Google AdSense to monetize my blog, I must admit that for now, there is no billion dollar cheques every month at my postbox, my latest earnings for month of May was about $6, but still I'm growing them, month by month (OK, there are months my earnings are shrinking :))

Hope this helps you to get started on getting your first 500 Twitter followers :)