How I Bought a Custom Domain Name to Reset Twitter Password

Updated: 30 August, 2017 seen 82

Geek things here. Long story short - back when I registered for a Twitter account back in October 2013, I used a custom business e-mail address, served by Google Apps. This Twitter account does one thing - automates all of the blog posts and publishes from RSS feed.

For a long time this syndication was done using Twitterfeed app, but once Twitterfeed shut down its business at the end of 2016, I switched to another great service -

Around that time I was doing also a fresh Windows 10 install for my laptop, which resulted with clean browser settings (no saved passwords), and just later I discovered that I've forgotten the password for Twitter, I was locked out. The options to reset password just didn't work, as said, I registered there with a custom domain name which was already expired and not used for some 2 years.

The good thing, while I was personally absent from Twitter, it continued to post my latest blog articles day by day, article after article. did it's job great. 

Now, it started to get frustrating already, and I decided to buy back that domain name, I used to register for Twitter. Bought it back from Godaddy, paid about $12, set up MX records in Linode control panel, to make Google Apps work for it. While shopping at Godaddy, decided to pay bills for other domain names, in total making my bill for that night at around $50.

Now, it worked - buying back old, expired domain name, setting up an e-mail account for it, and finally using the password reset options from Twitter did the magic. Once again, I was able to log into my account as myself and not as some bot.

The Bottom Line

Always keep your e-mail address current at services like Twitter!


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