How I Got 10,000 followers on Twitter

Updated: 31 January, 2016 seen 1,988

It has been already a few days, since I got 10,000 followers on Twitter. Today counter stays at 11,7K.  Is is much? It depends.

Twitter Stats

Screenshot from Twitter Counter

My Twitter account ranks #524,051 Worldwide, what is up by some half million positions, if compared to day I got 5,000 followers on Twitter

So how did I got that magic 10,000 followers on Twitter?

Simple, by following others. I will not lay out some bullshit about engagement in conversations (by saying that - I'm not meaning you shouldn't or I'm not engaging in conversations)

It's plain follow back scheme. The more I follow, the more follows me back. Simple as that. Lear more about my following tactics - How to get more followers on Twitter

How much time did it take me to get 10,000 followers?

I first created my Twitter account at start of November 2013, technically speaking it took me about 9-10 months to overpass 10,000 follower count. In reality it took me less.

I actually started more aggressively using Twitter at start of June 2014, so it's about 3 month.

Why it's important to have more Twitter followers?

For me - it's vital I'm using Twitter to generate traffic to my blog. My Twitter account is self-centred and in 99% cases it submits links back to my blog. Some might call it spam technique, maybe. maybe not (you can leave a comment bellow)

To celebrate my 10.000 milestone, I decided to make a test - what's return of those masses?

I did a test for a week, by scheduling my tweets to be published 3 or 2 times very hour (Sunday-Saturday). Lear more how I'm scheduling my tweets

Twitter stats

Twitter statistics (source: Google Analytics)

In above screen I have compared a previous week (no Twitter activities) with week of aggressive Twitter activities, as you can see difference is pretty impressive, now lets break it down by numbers

In that week, when I used aggressive posting tactics, my blog's referral count from Twitter  increased by 231% new users, while this number might seem high, lets figure out the real numbers - it's increase from 32 to 106 new unique visitors.

Does 106 new unique visitors is much for a Twitter account with more than 10,000 followers? Definitely not! Technically speaking I have get CTR around 1%.

Now, the real secret of Twitter is to get higher CTR. In following weeks, months I will do my best to increase CTR to average 2%. 

Another note to mention, in my last month blog statistics report, I expressed my hopes to increase Twitter referrals to 500

Actually this month I'm planing to increase my Twitter activities to drive at least 500 unique Twitter user to my site (in case I will lose Facebook users - I will break even or if things will go as last month - there could happen more FB likes and shares as well

Seems, this is not going to happen this month. And that makes me think that follow/unfollow game, as much it's tempting is definitely not the best way to get a focused auditory on your site (in this case on my site).

What are your thoughts? Drop a comment!