How I got 2000 followers on Twitter

Updated: 7 October, 2016 seen 2,861

Updated: I have abandoned methods I describe bellow - and I'm not suggesting using for you as well!

Recently I reached my first 2000 Twitter followers, and today I will disclose how I got them.

At first you might take a look on how I got my first 500 followers on Twitter.

In overall it took me about 2 weeks from almost grand zero to 2000 followers.

So what I did to get 2000 Followers?

Simple, everyday I followed some 200 Twitter accounts I was interested into, and they followed me back. Not all of-course, but pretty huge mass followed me back.

As you may already now Twitter has a limit you are allowed to follow other Twitter accounts, and this limit is 2000 followings. You cannot follow more, if you are not having back the same follower ratio. 

And here in help comes 3-d party Twitter apps. I chose app called, which allows me for free to unfollow 200 accounts in a day. That's fine with me. 

Well, you might to think now - you just told , you follow accounts you are interested into, why are you unfollowing them now? Simple they are not following me back and I need to grow my followers base, and I cannot grow it, due to Twitter limits.

So in matter of two weeks I got my 2000 Twitter followers. What's next?

That depends. In case of me, I'm experimenting to use Twitter as a referral traffic for my blog and other sites I maintain. More followers, more referrals, right? Right!

To get referrals to my blog I constantly published a posts to my Twitter account using Tweetdeck to schedule posts for next 24 hours. 

I tried 3 different approaches to turn my Twitter follower into site visitors:

During 3 days, repeatedly I published to my Twitter account with 15-30 minutes interval:

  • Day One I published simple text and link
  • Day Two: I published #hashtag text and link
  • Day Three: I published #hashtag, text, link and image

Example Day 1:

How I got 250 Google Plus followers: I have been playing around Google Plus since 2012, or so, I even had crea...

— Reinis Fischer (@Reinis_Fischer) June 19, 2014


Example Day 2:

How I got 250 Google Plus followers #GooglePlus #Google+

— Reinis Fischer (@Reinis_Fischer) June 20, 2014


Example Day 3:


How I got 250 #GooglePlus followers

— Reinis Fischer (@Reinis_Fischer) June 20, 2014

So what was the result?

The best approach that generated most referrals was Day 2 tactic (#hastag, text, link)

Here is the data from Google Analytics for each day (How many twitter refferals)

  • Day 1: 16
  • Day 2: 28
  • Day 3: 11

As you can see - Day 2 generated me the most traffic from Twitter. But anyway, it's pretty modest traffic to have from 2000 Twitter followers. Yes I agree with you. Playing follow/unfollow game, you never know what kind of followers you will attract, in 99% they are the same smart-ass like you. But it's data that cannot be ignored as well. 16 visitors from 2000 stands for 0.8%, 28 visitors from 2000 stands for 1.9% and even 11 visitors from 2000 stands for 0.55%. 

By knowing this data you can try to predict what would be return from 5000 followers, 10000 or 100 000 Twitter followers. Simple as that!