How I'm Buying Stocks in Nasdaq Baltics Market

I've been investing actively in the Nasdaq Baltics market actively since 2017. Currently, I hold stocks of 16 great dividend-paying companies. And in fact that's the reason I'm investing in this market - call me dividend investor.

In today's article, I wanted to share a quick "how to" on how I'm actually investing in this market.

For operations (trades) to happen, I've opened a brokerage account at SEB Latvia bank, which comes up with a cost of 0.0150% (minimum 1 eur) monthly fee for account  + there is a 0.30% (minimum 3 eur) fee for buying Baltic Stocks. I keep buying 1-3 times per month - my monthly cost using SEB is about 1-10 EUR

For stock screening, I'm using official website of Nasdaq Baltics and take a close look at Dividend Calendar. Also, I have developed a few Google Spreadsheets for tracking my stock portfolio.

As I'm buy and hold type investor, I actually don't care much about commission fees, which IMHO are cheap (3 EUR per trade). 

Now, as the Baltic stock market is not very liquid, sometimes a glitch happens - like today - I put an auto trade order to buy 100 stocks of Zemaitijos Pienas stocks for the price EUR 1.76 per stock. The total price for such deal with commissions would be 100*1.76+3= EUR 179

Stock market opened with a price set at EUR 1.76 per stock, and I thought cool - here comes my 100 stocks, I was surprised seeing I just bought 2 stocks at the end of the day (as price per share climbed to EUR 1.78)

Zemaitijos Pienas trading session (02.03.2018)

Zemaitijos Pienas trading session (02.03.2018)

For this trading session, I bought just two shares paying EUR 3.52 and paid in commissions another EUR 3. Ouch, not nice.

Now, this has happened before and most probably will happen again. In the past, I've spent even a week to buy some of the desired stocks (like Silvano Fashion Group in July 2017), but this was the first time I bought just 2 shares, all the rest times my orders just don't go through and I don't have to pay commission and just obvious I get back my cash.  

I've learned it's good to add a premium of 5, 10, 20, 50 cents (depending on stock value) to make sure my order goes through with the first time.