How Long Does It Take To Rank a New Website on Google

Updated: 24 April, 2016 seen 1,432

Recently I started a new micro-niche website, and one of first questions I tried to find an answer - how long does it will take to rank my new website on Google SERP?

Luckily, this is not the first new website I have created - as a Drupal developer I have made tons of websites, many for customers and many for myself. So far, the most successful project have been blog you are currently reading ( - after about two and a half years since I started this blog I have reached record more than 54,000 unique visitors monthly last November to my blog. For the last six month traffic is averaging about 45,000 monthly unique users. And even more for Page views. 

Speaking of page views - I believe it's better to use page views when determine revenue from a website. I use page views to measure return on 1000 page views, also known as RPM.

Now the path to the successful blog has not always been an easy - my first year of blogging was like almost a failure (thus I managed to earn about $400 at first year, which kept me motivated to continue). In fact after first three months of blogging my traffic totaled in pathetic 150 visitors. Should I mention I had posted more than 130 articles meanwhile. It didn't seemed fair.

On the other hand I was doing so called zero- back link experiment, no white or black hat SEO, no link building strategies, just a pure blog thing (an article every day).Google Keyword tool? Nope, didn't use it at my early days, and haven't used it actually much latter. 

Organic search traffic from Google after almost three months

Organic search traffic from Google after almost three months

I got first search visitor on day fifth, but overall at first month it got me 7 users from Google, 11 in second and 22 in third. 

I must admit that is the most worst scenario I have ever seen, anyway I didn't give up after first three months and continued to write article after article and already a year latter I saw a huge traffic gains, not to speak about 2 years latter.

Organic search traffic from Google two years latter

Organic search traffic from Google two years latter

Can you see the orange line? That line represents traffic from Google after first three months, blue one shows traffic from Google two years latter - the difference is huge. To be precise it's a 287,050.00% growth in just two years. 

One of my fundamental strategies, after my blog started to gain reputation and traffic was not to start any new project while my blog won't crack 100,000 unique users per month, thus at my early days of blogging I violated my promise for a few times and actually started some 3 or 4 micro niche sites, from whom none of them have survived until today - because I was not able to get any decent traffic there (none of my micro niche sites didn't over passed 1,000 monthly users in the first year, even worst - most ended at maximum pike at about 200 monthly users)

Now looking back on these projects I feel there were two major fallbacks - lack of backlinks, and in most cases maximum time I worked on them was just first month after launch. But I still have Google analytics data for these projects and they might help me answer on the question - how long does it takes to rank on Google for a new website: All my micro niche sites started to receive first traffic from Google in the first two weeks after launch, almost all of them get first serious boost on Google SERP after two or three months after initial launch.

The short answer on how long time it will take to rank a new website on Google SERP for any keyword and get first visitors to your site - they should start arrive after first two weeks after your site launch, the longer and more complicated answer - at start you will start notice a miserable amount of traffic from Google, don't give up - keep producing new qualitative articles, try to get legitimate backlinks, and continue your hard work. 

Here are few things I'm planing for my latest micro niche site

Actually there are few don't :

  • No Google AdSense - for a new website - I doubt even a five dollars can be made in first three months.
  • No Social media profiles - it's too complicated to upkeep all of them
  • 3 articles per week for the first three months
  • Use of Google Webmaster tool - crawl each article after it has been published
  • Zero - backlinks strategy for the first three months

My goal with this micro-niche site is to reach 5,000 monthly users at the end of first year. There are some profit plans also, but for now I would like to keep them secret :)