How To Trade Crypto Options With Risk Reversal on Deribit

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In this article I will shed some light how to apply risk reversal options trading strategy with crypto on the Deribit platform

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On September 13, 2022 Solana was trading above $38 and I was looking to perform a buy/write operation - buying 1 Coin on Coinbase and simoultenoulsy selling a call option with a strike price of $39 and expiry on the next day (September 14, 2022).  For this call option, I was looking to take quite juicy 0.018 SOL premium, that is 1.8% premium daily.  

I also considered that the SOL price could actually fall, as many technical indicators were showing that. And I was looking for ways how to protect my position on the possible downside, so I looked at buying a long put with a lower strike price. Put with the same day expiry and with the strike price 35 was trading at 0.005 SOL. And I decided to take it, just in case SOL will fall in the coming 24 hours I will limit my downside risk with this put options.

I didnt had to wait long, and SOL indeed fell by more than 2 dollars.

Solana trading on September 13, 2022

Here is the trade setup:

  • SOL-14SEP22-39-C    trade    open sell    1    -1    0.018
  • SOL-14SEP22-35-P    trade    open buy    1    1    0.005

In the aftermath of this trade, I kept 0.013 SOL

What happens next?

On the expiry date, September 14, 2022, SOL is trading under $39 but above $35 per coin -  options expire worthlessly and I keep the premium and start over - if SOL trades above $39 on the expiry date, I pay the difference in crypto. Say SOL trades $40 on expiry, I need to pay the difference between the spot price and strike price, which is $1, in crypto which would equal 0.025 SOL.

I would be left with 1+0.013-0.025= 0.988 SOL

But as the SOL price increased from $38.04 to $40, my coins would be worth $39.52. To book this profit I would need to exchange them back on exchange. My profit would be $1.48 or about 3.89% in just one day. Quite a good outcome. Especially if done with more coins, say some 100.

Some would argue saying, I would make more if I would just keep the coin and not do anything, well for such outcome indeed. But what I always ask to nahsayers - how to know when to take this profit then?

Now let's look at some more extreme cases, say SOL in the next 24 hours drop to $34

My short call options will expire worthlessly and I will keep the premium, but my long put with the strike price of $35, will earn me $1 in crypto.

Here is the outcome: 1+0.013+0.029= 1.042 SOL

With the new price of $34, my holding would be worth just $35.42, or I would take a loss (in dollar terms) of $2.62 or about 6.88%, while I would have more coins I had at the start and I could sell more call options. Actually I would earn 0.042 coins on such a move.

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