Instagram app fails using GPS data offline

Updated: 24 June, 2014 seen 1,438

I have been playing around  with my brand new Android phone, with built in GPS. To make this true fun, I created my Instagram wall. But..

It's pain, it's true pain in your ass. One of the main problems is when your WiFi is turned of, and you are not using mobile internet, like 3G. I hopped GPS will work, but it's not true in case with Instagram. So it makes it totally useless if you are like tagging all your places where you have been with your Instagram app, I mean, for sure, If you have 4G and you are in States, probably you will be covered, and both your slice of pizza and Great Canyon pictures will be just fine. But if you are in some remote country like Georgia, in middle of scenic mountains, but without 4G or 3G, just with your GPS enabled phone. You are taking breathtaking pictures hopping your friends will see them on your Instagram wall and you, yes you will know exactly where you been at that magic moment. 


In case of me - Insagram photos adds GPS data, only when I'm connected via Wi-Fi or mobile internet. Making me think, not the most accurate data what offers GPS.

In case of my Instagram wall, I'm using sync options with Flickr, and then importing Geo RSS feed to my Drupal powered blog. Flickr offers to manually add coordinates but that sucks. The Map is some lame Nokia powered map with ugly interface and some old mapping data. I even don't recognize street names in version of Tbilisi map. So that process sucks.

Maybe I'm too dumb to configure my phone and Instagram apps work together without Wi-Fi or mobile internet. But that makes me sad. All I wanted was to build some powerful, personal travel map, but seems for now it's not working as expected.

What's left? There is Great Flickr Android app, allowing to do the same, but keeping GPS coordinates, even when you are "offline". But Flickr built in Filters and camera shooting options kinda sucks too.

All I want is to keep using Instagram even offline, sync it with GPS. That's all, not much I'm asking.