It's shopping time -

Updated: 3 August, 2014 seen 1,029

Here in Georgia it's hard to buy good and cheap electronics, almost impossible is to repair something. If your laptop is broken, answer always is one - Laptop Center, (Or how Georgians prefer - Leptopi Centri), located on Uznadze street, Tbilisi. I wouldn't call them bad, they have really helped me out in past 3 years, but price always seems to high, or even fixed (100 GEL/$57.00) for almost anything. Flat rate 

Most disappointing thing is, they will always blame some bad hard drive, mother board or whatever, not the real reason. 

So since August 2013, I have been doing all my repair works by myself, including bad hard drives, broken motherboards and other. 

This time, hinges are broken for my HP Compaq 6510b, since this is pretty old module, but few times upgraded by myself and I really love it, I would never, ever dare to give it to some local repairman, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's impossible, but I just love my notebook to much, to let some other touch any screw on it.

So what about broken hinges - yeah, it hurts me, I haven't been nice boy to my loved PC. And they just broke.

So today, I'm going to to order a new hinges, new laptop (the same model), AC adapter for Tablet, filters for vacuum cleaner and other things.

So how to get all this stuff to country called Georgia? Simple, I'm using broker company, and I'm hopping to receive all the electronics in 2-3 weeks. Not very fast, but better than nothing, best thing, courier will deliver things to my place for free in Tbilisi, so I really don't need to leave my place to shop, and never again think of Leptopi Centri.