January 2022 Dividend Income Report - $40.33

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Welcome to the fifty-seventh (#57) dividend income report, covering earnings I've made from dividend-paying stocks in January 2022.

Last January we traveled quite a lot, at the start we flew from Riga to Tbilisi to throw a New Year's party at Sandra's new office, see here how I did a paint job there back in December. We had just two days in Tbilisi and we flew to Colombo, Sri Lanka via Qatar. we spent some 2 weeks in Sri Lanka, traveling from Colombo to Galle and back, staying at 5-star resort hotels. Quite awesome. 

Rooftop pool at Hotel Marino in Colombo, Sri Lanka

From the perspective of dividend income - Last January was nothing to brag about, some humble $40.33, but still awesome for doing nothing

An additional $401 was made from options trading

As options trading is not a passive form of making money while you are sleeping it wouldn't be fair to include them in dividend income reports.

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Dividend income in January 2022

From the dividend stocks I got the following income last month:

MPW $15.47
UWMC $9.18
NRZ $5.31
HPE $3.57
AWP $3.40
AWP $3.40

Total: $40.33

There were two dividend payments from AWP in January, because that's what they usually do, they pay December's dividend in January. 

Dividend income report January 2022

5 dividend stocks paid us dividends last month.

It seems that at the next quarterly end month I'll take little less than this January as I have sold HPE stock and there will be no additional payment from the AWP, last but not least I've not added and do not plan to add new stock to the portfolio at least untill April/May. Will see.

Goals for January 2023

When looking at January 2023, I will be quite optimistic and say USD 60 is what I'm looking at. might increase our stake with NRZ and add some other dividend payer, preferably from the Dow Jones list