Kodak Coin an interesting ICO to take participation

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Reading crypto related portals are fun and entertaining, recently I was reading an article published on CoinDesk Kodak Is Launching a Cryptocurrency for Photographers and as a hobby photographer with a massive photo library, running a digital photography school project I did find it very appealing ICO to most probably take part in.

U.S. technology firm Kodak has announced that it will launch its own cryptocurrency, with plans to host an initial coin offering (ICO) at the end of January.

In an official announcement, Kodak said the cryptocurrency would underpin "an encrypted, digital ledger of rights ownership for photographers." The idea is that photographers could use Kodak's forthcoming blockchain to register works, with "KODAKCoin" functioning as a medium of exchange on the platform. Users can receive payment in the cryptocurrency as well as pay for rights, according to the company.

As of the date I've participated just in one ico, see: Invest in Georgia - First Georgian Crypto Currency - "Golden Fleece Token" ICO and I cannot say that I feel somehow satisfied with this ICO experience so far, as my initial around $100 investment has been dipped down to about $3.

Anyhow, KodakCoin seems cool, because of other reasons, for a time I've been trying hard to protect my photography copyrights, see: Copyright Infringement: Market Opportunity for Photographer Bloggers

KodakOne will underpin the assured buying and selling of rights-cleared and protected digital assets, allowing Kodak Coin will become the currency of choice for the image economy.

That said, let's wait until the end of the January and see how things will develop.

See more: https://kodakcoin.com/