Latest Stock Buy 7 shares of INTC $59.96 per share

Updated: 9 September, 2020 seen 44

On July 13, 2020, I bought an additional 7 shares of Intel Corporation (INTC) for our daughters stock portfolio, paying $59.96 per share

With its quarterly dividend payout of $0.33 per share, this latest buy has a dividend yield of 2.20% and will pay us $2.31 (before tax) every quarter. Not the biggest addition to the portfolio, but every bit counts.

INTC is paying a dividend in the following months - March, June, September, and December

I plan to increase the total share count to 100 in a reasonable time frame (say 2-3 years) and once we have 100 shares start selling covered calls on it to generate extra income.

Covered Call Trade Idea - Generate $214/mo from this Stock

While we are waiting to accumulate 100 shares (82 to go) and sell covered calls for extra income, we will enjoy the dividend income

By now INTC stock takes 4.87% from our US stock portfolio.

For the rest of the year, we are looking to take $3.92 (after tax) from this buy, which is about 0.1% from our $3,600 goal for 2020

2019 in Review and Financial Goals for 2020. 

In total INTC now contribute about $20.19 (after tax) yearly to the dividend income portfolio.

NTC now is the most expensive stock in our portfolio

Next time buying some shares of INTC stock, most probably 8 shares, I see in November.

82 shares to go!