Latest Stock Buy: Atrium European Real Estate (ATRS:VIE)

Updated: 13 March, 2019 seen 167

On February 4th, 2019 I bought an additional 100 shares of Atrium European Real Estate (VIE:ATRS) paying EUR 3.35 per share. 

With its quarterly dividend of 0.0675 euro cents per share, this latest buy has a dividend yield of 8% and will pay us EUR 6.75 every quarter. 

ATRS is actually my first stock buy bought with Lynx Broker (Low-Cost European Stock Broker - Review). I bought 100 shares at 4 EUR per share in May 2018, see First European Stock Buy: VIE:ATRS

Now despite the stock have lost about 16% since I first bought in May 2018, I still believe ATRS is a good buy for the long run. Quarterly dividend and bargain price are the main reasons for me increasing its size in the portfolio.

There is one more reason why I bought this stock early in February, I'm hoping to get a special dividend of EUR 0.14 per share in March. I have no info will we get that special dividend in 2019, but at least in 2016. 2017 and 2018, there was a special 0.14 EUR dividend. In the case with a special dividend, we could get a pretty lucrative, about 12%, dividend yield from ATRS in 2019..

For 2019, Atrium’s Board of Directors has approved an annual dividend of €0.27 per share payable quarterly and commencing at the end of March 2019. The dividend will continue to be reviewed quarterly.

All dividend payments made by Atrium since 2009 have been paid as capital repayments.

Atrium European Real Estate dividend history

Atrium European Real Estate dividend history

Depending from the dividend size (special dividend or not), for the rest of the year, I'm looking to get a EUR 27 - EUR 41 (USD 30.94 - USD 46.98  ) from this buy, which is about 1.5% - 2.2% from my $2,045 goal for 2019.

2018 in Review and Financial Goals for 2019 

Historical stock price for Atrium European Real Estate

The historical stock price for Atrium European Real Estate

With the latest buy of ATRS, I managed to decrease its negative value in the portfolio from -16% to -8.30%. The average buy price for me now is EUR 3.675. 

Atrium European Real Estate now takes 30.77% from my European stock holdings. 

About Atrium European Real Estate

Atrium is a leading owner and manager of shopping centers in Central and Eastern Europe. Atrium specializes in food-anchored shopping centers in strong locations across the region, balancing the stability of revenues from sales of groceries, fashion and day-to-day products with the opportunity of emerging markets’ growth prospects.

Founded in Jersey (Channel Islands) in 1997, the company has a dual listing on the Vienna and Amsterdam Euronext stock exchanges under the ticker ATRS. 

The income-producing properties are predominantly located in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Russia. They are managed by Atrium’s internal management team of real estate professionals, with two exceptions. 


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