In October 2019, I bought an additional 32 shares of Brookfield Real Assets Income Fund Inc (RA) at $22.87 per share. With its monthly dividend payout of 0.20 dollars per share, (before tax) this latest buy has a dividend yield of 10.45% and will pay us an additional $6.4 (before tax) every month. Awesome! 

I bought this share for our little baby girl's stock portfolio. Our  15-month-old baby girl has a dividend stock portfolio generating already $63.17/mo. I'm looking to grow it towards $70 by the end of 2019. The latest buy has made a nice little boost of $5.44 (after tax) to our monthly dividend income.

This is the second time I'm buying RA stock for our daughter's portfolio, last time I bought it in May 2019

Latest Stock Buy For Child Investment Portfolio: RA

I come up with a plan to build a high-yield $10,000 child investment portfolio by the time our baby girl will turn 2. (July 2020). Right now we are looking at $80-$100 monthly dividends by the time she will turn 2.  

Our child's portfolio now has as TTM at $758.04, giving daily $2.08 and hourly 0.09$.  Literally can't wait to see what it will grow by the time our baby girl will become a young lady. 

By now RA takes 7,31% from our US stock portfolio 

For the rest of the year, we are looking to get a dividend income of $16.32 (after tax) from this buy, which is about 0.78% from the total goal of $2,045 for 2019. 

2018 in Review and Financial Goals for 2019

In total RA now contributes about $122.4 yearly to the dividend income portfolio. 

About Brookfield Real Assets Income Fund Inc

Brookfield Real Assets Income Fund Inc. is a closed-end investment fund. The Fund’s investment objective is to provide a high total return, primarily through high current income and secondarily, through the growth of capital.

The Fund seeks to meet its investment objective by investing primarily in securities and other instruments of companies and issuers in the “real assets” asset class, which includes the following: Real Estate Securities; Infrastructure Securities; and Natural Resources Securities (collectively, “Real Asset Companies and Issuers”).

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