Latest Stock Buy: PEI (Assigned)

Updated: 25 July, 2019 seen 34

On July 19, 2019, I bought (got assigned) 100 shares of Penn Real Estate Trust (PEI) at $6.00 per share. 

With its quarterly dividend payout of 0.21 dollars per share, (before tax) this latest buy has a dividend yield of 14% and will pay us $21.00 (before tax) every quarter. Awesome! 

PEI is paying a dividend in the following months: March, June, September, and December

I bought this share for our little baby girl's stock portfolio. Our 1-year old baby girl has a dividend stock portfolio generating already $55.17/mo. I'm looking to grow it towards $60/mo by the end of 2019. The latest buy has made a nice little boost of $5.95 (after tax) to our monthly dividend income.

This is already second time buying PEI stock, see: Latest Stock Buy For Child Investment Portfolio: PEI

As we already hold PEI stock in our portfolio, I will sell covered calls on this stock and there is a huge chance I will sell of PEI stock this August, but you never know. 

Anyhow, our child's portfolio now has as TTM at $662.04, giving daily $1.81 and hourly 0.08$.  

For the rest of the year, we are looking to get a dividend income of $35.7 (after tax) from this stock, which is about 1.74% from the total goal of $2,045 for 2019.

2018 in Review and Financial Goals for 2019

In total PEI now contributes about $142.80 yearly to our dividend income portfolio. 

Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust is a publicly-traded real estate investment trust that invests in shopping centers in the Mid-Atlantic states.

The Bottom Line

There is a huge chance I will sell PEI stock using covered calls, so I won't be too optimistic on boosted dividend income, but you never know.