Latest Stock Buy: PNNT

On May 1, 2019, I bought 84 shares of PennantPark Investment Corp. (PNNT ) at $7.14 per share. 

With its quarterly dividend payout of 0.18 dollars per share (before tax), this latest buy has a dividend yield of 10.08% and will pay us an additional $15.12 every quarter. Awesome!

PNNT is paying the dividend in the following months: January, April, July, and October

This is already the second time I'm buying PNNT, I first bought 71 shares of PNNT back on September 7, 2018. Back then in September, I paid $7.74 for a share

Latest Stock Buy: PNNT

By now PNNT takes 14.12% from my US stock portfolio, and also is one of the biggest dividend payers in the portfolio by now. 

For the rest of the year, I'm looking to take  $25.7 (after tax) from this buy, which is about 1.2% from my $2,045 goal for 2019. 

2018 in Review and Financial Goals for 2019

In total PNNT now contributes about $95.86 yearly to a dividend income portfolio.

About PennantPark Investment Corporation

PennantPark Investment Corporation [NASDAQ: PNNT] offers investors specialized exposure to various forms of debt and non-controlling equity financings across the capital structure. PNNT invests in middle market companies located primarily in the U.S., with a proven management team, competitive market positions, strong cash flow, growth potential, and viable exit strategies.

PNNT’s disciplined approach ensures that investments have an attractive return profile in relation to risk.

Latest Stock Buy: PNNT