Latest Stock Sale: CLM

On January 16, 2020, I sold all 35 shares of Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund Inc.​ (CLM) I had, getting $11.42 per share.

CLM has been in our portfolio since August 2018, I bought in back then for our new-born baby girl paying $14.28 per share. Our loss after this sale is -$2.86 per share (in total -$100.1). CLM is a monthly dividend payer, and since August 2018 have paid out $108.49

In the end, we are just break even. Which is fine actually. I decided to sell it off and buy some more quality stock. A lot I have learned since August 2018, mostly options trading. Now I prefer stable dividend stock with options rather than just high yielding stock. 

I won't call CLM either good nor bad - with it's once a year dividend cuts, for me this stock with 20% yield looks more like just returning your own capital (ROC).

Owning CLM stock doesn't mean you will necessarily lose money, but also the high 20% yield means you mostly will get back your money in the form of ROC

With CLM sold we are going to "lose" $66.04 in dividends for 2020, which is actually 1.83% from our $3,600 goal for this year

2019 in Review and Financial Goals for 2020

Now, we will get some free capital and to compensate loses I plan to buy CSCO stock (on which I will be able to sell puts/calls)

Latest Stock Sale: CLM