On September 21, I sold all 100 shares of Latvijas Gāze.​ I had, getting EUR 10.20 per share.

 I decided to sell this stock is as I needed to raise quick cash to finance a flat I won at the online auction, see: Today I bought my first flat on an online auction site

Latvijas Gāze has been in our dividend portfolio since 2017, letting it go feels sad, but we know we will buy back this stock in the future. Sadly we cannot trade options on this stock

 Since 2017, we have collected in dividends some EUR 235.28, or about 23.52%% dividend yield in 3 years months. That's definitely a very good result. 

We feel very sorry letting this stock to go, and to compensate that, I promise I will buy some stock of Latvijas Gāze on the day, when I will first step a foot on our newly built flat. (It could take some time)

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