Latest Stock Sale - Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp (TKM1T)

Updated: 5 August, 2019 seen 61

On April 8th, 2019, I sold all 61 shares of Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp (TKM1T) I had, getting EUR 8.68  per share, that's slightly less I paid for this share just a month ago (EUR 9.28).

Despite this was one of the best stocks I've owned from the Baltic's I decided to sell off my Baltic holdings and to reinvest in US dividend-paying stocks. The main reason - most of the Baltic stocks pay a dividend once in a year, while US stocks pay monthly / quarterly.

I decided to sell it after got dividend payment (Sold before pay-date but after ex and record dates) and to re-invest money into quarterly paying stocks.

Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp has been in my portfolio since 2017, and it paid a great dividend in April. After this sale, I must find new dividend-paying stocks for the month of April.

Right now, I missing $42 in April 2020 to break even with April 2019 dividend income


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