Launching Amazon Niche Site

Updated: 17 March, 2017 seen 2,969

Some time ago I did my first Amazon affiliate experiment, it turned out that in first month of promoting Amazon products I earned more than $80, now it is the second month of this so called experiment - and I have earned more than $160 in 20 days of September. I'm very surprised of such a positive affiliate marketing experience.

What led me to think again of niche marketing. Some time ago I have already built some niche sites, though if my all previous niche affiliate attempts were built around Google AdSense, then this time I'm considering Amazon. What is pretty straightforward choice, taking in notice actual earnings from Amazon vs AdSense.


Why I prefer Amazon over AdSense

Amazon pays off even with small traffic. Google AdSense makes pennies. I believe some could achieve good results with Amazon associates with traffic around 1000 visitors per month.

So for example in August I made $6.87 with Google AdSense, while I made $81.47 from Amazon. From the same blog.

Another great feature of Amazon - just send the visitors Amazon will do the rest, probably you have heard of Amazon's great CTR. For me for now they stay at beautiful 10%. I mean 10% CTR means you will get paid for every tenth visitor you will send to Amazon's site.

What means you don't have to need massive trafficked website to earn some money.

What is my basic plan

My basic Amazon affiliates niche plan is simple - I will create a review style blog, reviewing high priced items (starting $500) on a weekly basis.

I will not use any black hat seo techniques, and I wont work on building backlinks on that site.

I will use one of my old domain names, which doesn't have any keyword on it. I will use my loved Drupal for creating the blog.

Basically what I'm looking for is another experiment, which does not involve much technical stuff (I'm looking forward to launch this site by Monday)

What are my expectations

I'm looking to build a stable $500 in a month revenue site. For the first month (not counting last days of September) I'm looking for some $50 in revenue.

I'm hoping for something more in holiday season, my goal could be reach $500 with this affiliate site in month of December

What are my concerns

Basically there is only one concern - Google. I guess, my approach could look like thin affiliate site in eyes of Google search, so yes I'm concerned regarding this. In the other hand, I must create a unique reviews to avoid this.

Really no backlinks, no SEO?

Indeed, no artificial backlinks here. Speaking of SEO, well SEO is a great thing, but I doubt there is need for hours to sit and investigate some special keywords, then try to rank them. No this is not the model I'm looking for.

I'm looking on affiliate marketing as a passive income, and passive income shouldn't be full time work on side works, right? 

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