Launching Google AdSense Niche site

Updated: 17 March, 2017 seen 936

As I promised before, I'm launching new niche website to earn some dollars from Google AdSense. See: Finding AdSense niche site

So for - I have chosen a niche, did keyword research, made a new site (yeah, it means Page Rank N/A and no incoming links), made first posts. 

Update: I closed this Google AdSense niche website in 2015 after domain name expiration, despite it ranked pretty good and got about 2,000 users in first year, though the income was low - it made about $20 in a year. As this was a Google AdSense niche site in another language, not English - verdict is simple - Google AdSense niche sites will work better if content is in English. I wouldn't say 20 dollars from 2,000 users is bad, it' s decent result in fact, franjly speaking I didn't see my picked niche in another language could scale.


What am I planing to do in next 30 days?

It's going to be another quest for 30 days

  • Do 30 focused posts on subject
  • Backlink building
  • Optional I'm thinking to launch a Facebook fan page to do some promotions there, to drive social traffic.

Speaking of niche I have chosen, it's pretty competitive, with low volume of keywords, but high competition for them (not in English language), in case I'll figure out how to drive a lot traffic it could be a killer niche site. If not... I don't even want to think about it right now :)

So at the start of April, I'll publish my Online income report, covering this niche site as well.