Let the bots write in your place

Updated: 24 June, 2014 seen 789

In this article I will show how with power of Drupal we can generate a ton of automated writing.

Lets start with example:

Potaro in Ajaria (region) is a Populated area located in Georgia - about 209.88 km from Tbilisi, country's capital town

In sentence above I have not written any letter by my own. It jut some simple query making some sentence using givens.

In Drupal views it looks like this:

<b>[title] in [field_region] (region) is a [term_node_tid] located in Georgia - about [distance] from Tbilisi, country's capital town </b>

Of course it's not just so simple, in order to achieve this, I have created custom feed importer to import geo-tagged data, I'm using Location module and other.

But in the name of future, if we can generate such queries right now without need of tons of programmers, we might soon experience times when, for example, sports news will be completely auto-written.