Lithuania - a few thougts

Lithuania a small Baltic nation, once a part of Rzecpospolita, then a member of Soviet Union, now a small country on European Union Eastern border.

The Anti-Russian sentiment seems is high just on TV, I guess.. I was surprised to see how good Lithuanians know and use Russian language. That is first thougt. Stop pretending that there is no Russia, Russia is bad or other bullshit.

Second, but minor thought, together with Latvians, Lithuanians are complex nation. I'm always laughing hearing sentences like, here is Europe, where do you think it's allowed. Lithuanians like to think they are "better Europeans" than Europeans. And in can be seen, when Lithuania "teaches" other Former Soviet Republics, like Georgia or Ukraine. Common it seems so ridiculous. 

Lithuanians you are great guys, keep on speaking Russian, and stop being so complex with your European attitude