Moldova - a few facts

Moldova - a country between EU and Ukraine, member of Eastern Partnership, once a member of mighty Soviet Union. 

Recently EU liberated VISA FREE Travel for Moldavian citizens to EU. I decided to take a look at this country, which I know just some basic facts (mentioned above)

Moldova some basic facts:

  • GDP (2012) - $ 7. 254 billions
  • GDP per capita (2012) - $2.037 thousands
  • Population (2012) - 3.56 millions

This country seems too poor to take it seriously, but on the other hand, it has a great potential. In coming decades this country might became a prosperous Island of piece in middle of nowhere. But to achieve that, country needs to improve standard of living. I'm not saying they are living bad, I'm saying they economy looks poor

Will closer ties with EU help that? In interests of EU - it must help, on the other hand, problems like Transnitria, problems in neighbouring Ukraine, can only destabilize this country.

But again, in interests of EU, is to maintain stable Moldova, with or without breakaway region of Transnitria, so what will happen next? High inflation for Moldova after closer ties with EU? Mass population immigration to EU? 

I will definitely return to this topic in future, for me its very interesting to observe Geopolitical changes in former Soviet Union space.