Multiple image upload a once Drupal

Updated: 9 December, 2014 seen 2,056

Have you been sick and tired of uploadin images one by one on your Drupal site? It's quite frustrating if you have many images to upload. Well I guess you could try to use some Media module. But for those who like total control of everything in their Drupal installation there is painless solution - Drupal modules called Multiupload Filefield Widget and Multiupload Imagefield Widget. Second one does what the name suggests. First one is required to enable second one Download it from here: Extract both of them to your sites/modules directory, then enable them under admin/modules section: Move to you content type for which you would like to enable multi-upload image field (admin/structure/types/manage/your-content-type/fields) Chose field which responds for image upload and head to widget type section, change display from image to Multiupload: Click continue to save new settings, and now go to your content type to add new content. Under images, click browse images, select multiple and click open: N.B. Your image fields settings must be set to display unlimited images so this could work.