My online income report - February 2014

Updated: 1 March, 2016 seen 1,245

I decided to make public my online success or failures. I have been active online since 2005, it's almost 10 years by now. But my online income was and still is relatively low.

Last month (January) I earned a total of $8.37 from 4 properties I own.

This month (February) income from blog is $9.60 that is increase for $1.23 more than in the previous month.

In average in February I earned $0.34 a day, compared to previous month its more for about $0.09 a day. 

  • Highest earnings per day: $1.85
  • Days making more than $1: 3
  • Days without making earnings: 5

These numbers still are pretty love and about 25% of my goal - to reach $40 earnings in month to break even my hosting expenses.

This month I have started a new niche site, were I'm hoping in long-term to earn $200 in a month. Speaking of this month, I will be happy to end month in range $16-$20