My online income report - January 2014

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Welcome to the first online income report of website. My blog now is about 4 months old, and starting January I decided to experiment - can a blogger earn any decent income from blogging, I decided to make public my online success or failures. I have been active online since 2005, it's almost 10 years by now. But my online income was and still is relatively low.

In matter of 5 years, I have earned with Google AdSense a lit bit more than $100. But I'm willing to change that.

Starting this year (2014) - I have implemented Google AdSense on 4 properties (including this blog), they all are modest in daily traffic.

For now I'm using Google AdSense (on 4 properties) and (1 property) affiliate to monetize my sites.

Here is my online income report for January.

  • Google AdSense - $8.37
  • Booking affiliate - 0

Total - $8.37

By average in January I earned $0.27 per day. What makes me to be below extreme poverty if compared to World's poorest countries.

Recently I set up my first AdSense goal - to break even my hosting expenses, what makes about $40/month. To achieve this, I must earn at least $1.29 per day. I guess to achieve my first AdSense goal should be relatively easy - I must increase my revenue about 4.7 times per day. Or let's say I must drive 4.7 times more visitors, or better raise CPC. 

Update: It took me about 19 months to actually crack that $40/mo milestone. Read more: How I Reached My Google AdSense Goal To Make $40.00/mo In 19 months

Speaking of CPC - yes, in January it was pretty low, but I changed ad placement above the fold, and it went up pretty good. So in this case, it's rather to improve CTR and CPC, than just drive traffic, What I actually did in January I dr -ove pretty good traffic from Facebook, and I got pretty huge traffic spike  from Reddit. In both cases, my sites were not optimized for good CTR, and I received to little clicks for that huge amount of traffic I received.

My guess, that in February I should be about $10, but with expectations with about 2 times less traffic. 

Thank you for reading this, if you enjoyed, please leave me a comment.