My TOP 3 dividend stocks to generate monthly income + covered calls

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In this video I'm talking about my top 3 favorite dividend stocks I'm holding in my portfolio and how with the help of covered calls I'm boosting my monthly returns.

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Good morning everyone, Reinis Fischer here, your favorite guy on talking about stocks, covered calls, and trading options.

Today I'm going to talk about my favorite three, top three dividend stocks. Currently, in my portfolio I have about 40 stocks, not all are dividend stocks and not all are good stocks.

I started to build my portfolio about three or four years ago I was doing like a lot of mistakes by picking up high yielding stocks which did me a bad favor, about a year ago when the pandemic started uh i was losing like 60% uh in value and uh the bad thing those high yielding dividend stocks did to me - they trimmed their dividend and it was I was like a bag holder holding some bad stocks.

Today I'm going to share which are my top three favorite dividend stocks:

Number one - Reality Income or just that O stock uh this is the so-called dividend aristocrat stock-raising its dividend for the last 25 plus consecutive years. What I like about the realty income stock the dividend is paid monthly and the stock is optionable. This is uh what I really like about investing with dividend stocks

I'm picking a stock where I can sell an option on it covered call, currently, I'm holding about 100 shares of Realty Income they are paying me about 20 bucks per month plus I am generating about $40, $50, $60 additional dollars per month holding this stock the yield is pretty awesome.

All right my favorite dividend stock number two:  Pfizer, Pfizer is a good stock it's a good dividend stock, the yield is a little bit above three percent and it's optionable unlike a realty income Pfizer is paying dividend quarterly so for holding like 100 shares I'm getting about  18 every three months but i can still sell options both weekly and monthly options and i can generate about, let's say about 40 additional dollars from this share, per month.

My favorite dividend stock number three: Coca-Cola, just like the realty income coca-cola is the so-called dividend aristocrat stock-raising its dividend for more than 25 plus years. The yields is about three percent uh per year and we can sell covered calls on it.

What's common to all those three stocks? They are pretty safe, I would call predictable and they go like flat flat flat, that's nothing interesting there, but actually, they are pretty safe and good for conservative dividend investors 

Here we go my top three favorite dividend stocks number one Realty Income, number two Pfizer, number three Coca-Cola. Combined these three stocks makes about  roughly 40 bucks per month in dividend  if I'm holding a hundred shares and uh  additional as I'm selling current calls on these  stocks I can make about  100 bucks on them for sure in total  these three stocks will generate me about 140 dollars per month on average 

That's all thanks for watching have fun!