Mystery with Kutaisi Parliament building

Updated: 9 December, 2014 seen 896

A little history:

Current president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili has relocated Parliament of Georgia from Tbilisi, to Kutaisi, the first official meeting on newly built Parliament building was held after Georgian Parliament elections in 2012.


Since in these Parliament elections won coalition Georgian Dream, which is opposite to President's Saakashvili UNM. They decided to relocate Parliament building back to Tbilisi.

The reasons are many - like problems with comunication with other Governmental institutions which are left in Tbilisi, huge expenses for traveling between Tbilisi and Kutaisi, and more. 


I as an observer, not taking any participation in any politics or whatever, has always thought, that idea to move Parliament to Kutaisi, is great idea, mainly because of an option to give some blow of life for city of Kutaisi. 


I have been in Kutaisi few times, mainly driving through, and this year 2 times I have been to newly built Kutaisi international airport. What is one more thing I like there in Kutaisi.


So, they have built a new Parliament building in Kutaisi, and they have built a new airport in Kutaisi. Sounds great.


But know there are rumors, that Parliament will be relocated back to Tbilisi. OK...

Does it means the airport will be closed soon as well?


A lot of surprise makes to me news - that Georgian avio carrier - Airzena is offering flights Tbilisi - Kutaisi - Tbilisi, starting this years June 3rd. And they are even giving 50% discount for tickets for Parliament members.


From different sources, I have heard that Parliament will be relocated back to Tbilisi, starting spring this year (Ups, it's still standing there), latest I red an article, that Parliament will be relocated February 2014.


If you have any more information, please enlighten me :)