The New Affiliate Partner Center

Updated: 9 March, 2016 seen 2,087

I have been partnered with for many years (at least 3) and there is one thing I both enjoyed and missed some upgrades- it's Partner Center, I really enjoyed it's simplicity, but on the other hand I was looking for something more appealing, today I received an email from Affiliate Program inviting me to upgrade my account to the new one. That's what I exactly did:

The new partner center

The new partner center

As far as I understand the account migration doesn't happen automatically, you must go through a few simple steps, at the end you will have a new username (your email as a login name) and a new password.

Also in the new partner central you can add more administrative users to your account. And that's probably a really lovely feature for more experienced partners.

What's new in the Partner Center?

The long-awaited Affiliate Partner Center is now up and running! Migrate your account to this new, user-friendly platform. Check out some of the key benefits below.

  • Fresh design
  • Better reporting
  • More products
  • And much more...