Options Trading Income December 2019 - $527.99

Updated: 17 January, 2020 seen 146

Welcome to the tenth (#10) options trading income report - covering earnings I've made from trading options (puts, calls, vertical spreads) in the month of December 2019

In short, December was a very cautious month, after being hit last November I played very safe and didn't trade much

In December 2019 I made 9 naked puts. 12 verticals spread and 1 call future.

Naked puts were largely sold in the wheel strategy frames on T, ET, and FXI. Also, 2x NRZ and PNNT as I'm looking to acquire these stocks in the future.

  • Gross income from puts: $325
  • Net income from puts: $146.20

Verticals were sold on the SPX index and GC futures. I bought one call future on ES to save my ass from losing trade with SPX (edging using futures).

  • Gross income from verticals: $433.20
  • Net income from verticals: $381.79

Options trading income table

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2019 - - $109.20 $214.00 $339.80 $408.80 $527.20 $952.60 $1,387.70 $2,865.63 -$1,428.33 $527.90 $5,904.50

In last December, puts generated +$146.20 net income, while verticals + $381.79 net income, in total  $527.99 (after commissions), which represents a nice 1.57% monthly boost to the total portfolio.

Also in 2019, I have collected in a total  $5,904.50 which translates as 8.89% income from options this year. As I'm just starting out, this number is OK for me. Looking to at least double in 2020;

Gross income last month from options trades: $758.20

Goals for December 2020 Options Income

When trying to set goals for options income it's much harder and unpredictable than trying to forecast dividend income.

Anyhow I will try - my goal for December 2020 options trading income is minimum $1,800