Options Trading Income January 2020 - $465.80

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Welcome to the eleventh (#11) options trading income report - covering earnings I've made from trading options (puts, calls, vertical spreads) in the month of January 2020

I decided to start this year slowly, less risking and shifting away from speculative trades on SPX index or Gold futures and instead focus on wheel strategy selling puts and calls on dividend stocks. Not all worked as planned, I still traded a lot SPX, SPY and GC, but also I established a good routine on wheel strategy by selling puts on T, AMD, PFE

In January 2020 I opened 14 new naked puts and 19 new vertical spreads.

Naked puts were largely sold in the wheel strategy frames on T, ET, FXI and AMD stocks. Also, PEI, WPG, and SPCE. 

  • Gross income from puts: $1,227.20
  • Net income from puts: $342.20

In total 17 trades on puts were closed last month, which generated a net income of $342.20

Selling puts on PEI and WPG probably is not the best idea as these stocks are troubled ones. SPCE also is more a speculative trade, which is also true for AMD. My plan in the future is to sell only puts on good dividend stock.

Verticals were sold on the SPX index, SPY ETF and GC futures. .

  • Gross income from verticals: $2,238.60
  • Net income from verticals: $123.40

In total 20 verticals were closed last month, which generated a net income of $123.40. Too little profit, for too many trades.

Options trading income 

Options trading income March 2019 - January 2020

Options trading income March 2019 - January 2020

In the last January, puts generated +$342.20 net income, while verticals + $123.4 net income, in total  $465.80 (after commissions), which is a nice 1.30% monthly boost to the total portfolio.

Gross income last month from options trades: $3,465.8

The cumulative net earnings for 2020 now are $465.80  which is exactly 7.27% from my goal of 2020 ($6,400). On average, it would ask me to generate $539.47 every month for the next 11 months to reach my goal. It seems quite doable.

2019 in Review and Financial Goals for 2020

Goals for January 2021 Options Income

When trying to set goals for options income it's much harder and unpredictable than trying to forecast dividend income.

Anyhow I will try - my goal for January 2020 options trading income is minimum $700