Partnership Fund Update March 2021

Updated: 25 March, 2021 seen 30

At the start of January 2020, I created the so-called Partnership Fund - a fund where I'm buying stocks for my partner

There are no special goals set for it (yet)  - but if, then it might be to reach $50,000 by the end of this decade (2029)

Currently, there are 3 stocks in the Partnership fund portfolio: PFE, VTRS and AMWL

Ticker Shares Invested Value Gain/Loss Dividends Options Gain/ Loss with dividends and options %
PFE 100 $3,786.74 $3,561.00 94.04% $38.10 $236.40 $48.76 1.29%
VTRS 100 $1,648.20 $1,401.00 85.00% $0.00 $108.60 -$138.60 -8.41%
AMWL 105 $2,755.45 $1,946.70 70.65% $0.00 $337.00 -$471.75 -17.12%
    $8,190.39 $6,908.70 84.35% $38.10 $682.00 -$561.59 -6.86%

Partnership fund portfolio value at March 25, 2021

Over the past 15 months, I've invested in this fund $8,190, which I guess is quite OK, on average about $546 per month. 

Unfortunately, this fund hasn't been very profitable and we have lost some money here actually over time. The only stock which gives us some small profit after dividends and options is PFE. 

This is good to know, in the future when planning new additions to the fund I will focus on more quality stocks.

The total options income so far seems quite OK, $682., or about 8.3% yield in 15 months. Seems quite OK. 

If there will be some price bounce back in the future for VTRS and AMWL I'm now seriously looking on selling away these stocks and buying instead some quality dividend aristocrat stock like PG, for example

Now, this was fun - a quick update on Partnership fund 15 months later. For the next 15 month I'm looking to double this fund.