Photo of the month - February 2016

Updated: 7 March, 2016 seen 215

This year was a leap year and in February we got 29 days - my photo project got 29 photography as well (one image each day). 

In February I experimented with street photography, landscape photography, HDR photography, macro / close up photography and even black and white photography. I did use panoramic technique a lot and each photo post - proceeded in Adobe Lightroom. Other tools involved last month: Photomatix and Adobe Photoshop.

Now it' s time to announce the winner:

A quick note: for determining my best photo of the month I'm using the most simple tactic to count on - fave count on Flickr.

Photo of the month - February 2016 (Renovation works in Tbilisi)

Day 143/365 - Renovation works in Tbilisi

I would like to think that above photography fits in as street photography. Done in Tbilisi at February 14, 2016, this image gathered the most faves last month - 24 faves and was viewed more than 1,000 times. 

There were other pictures that somehow looked good for me or interesting for my Flickr followers, but didn't gathered at least 24 faves:

Day 147/365 - Wonderland Tbilisi

On February 18, I went to Rike Park to make some epic HDR photography of The Bridge of Piece - I ended up with the above HDR image for that day. 19 faves.

Day 134/365 - Sunrise in Tbilisi

Some classic from sunrise HDR photography, I use to did a lot of sunrise/ sunset photography - but lately have been ignoring it (I should return to the golden hour photography). In above image I arrived some 10 minutes late and missed a much cooler sunrise. Still this image got 11 faves from my followers on Flickr.

Day 156/365 - Horse and the city

Most probably I enjoy this photography the most, but it didn't gathered at least 24 faves, instead it got 10 faves. Shot in vicinity of Tbilisi (around Turtle lake) during hiking trip.

The Bottom Line

February ended up fast, I didn't even realized when it started, when it already was finished (probably extended February this year didn't helped to realize that February actually is a month). There was a super slow increase in flickr followers last month - it went up from 102 just to 109. I don't  - probably I should start tagging my photography to attract more eye balls and followers?!