Photo of the month - January 2016

Updated: 16 February, 2016 seen 444

January was pretty hard month - after a lovely trip to Italy at the end of 2015, we returned back to Tbilisi at start of 2016 and I got ill for about two weeks. For those two weeks I still managed to take a photo a day.

Being absent to leave my apartment I photographed indoors, experimented with close ups, photographed our cats a lot and even tried B&W technique.

None of these techniques performed as great as landscape photography (and yes, HDR rocks). 

A quick note: for determining my best photo of the month I'm using the most simple tactic to count on - fave count on Flickr.

Photo of the Month - January 2016 (Winter in Tbilisi)

Winter in Tbilisi

Day 122/365 Winter in Tbilisi

Another HDR photography, but barely can take, this image in total got 21 faves a 6 comments on Flickr, making it the most popular image from my account in January. That day (January 24) snow began to snow in Tbilisi (which is pretty rare), still feeling not very well I decided to document city in snow. I made a good photo story out of this day and wrapped an article - Tbilisi - Fairyland in Winter, which latter went viral on Facebook and attracted a lot of eyeballs.

There were other pictures that somehow looked good for me or interesting for my Flickr followers, but didn't gathered at least 21 faves:

Sameba panorama

Day 118/365 View from Sameba

On January 20 I went to Tbilisi Holy Trinity cathedral Sameba and made a panorama photography (stacked together 6 photos) with views to Tbilisi town. Above image gathered 17 faves and  4 comments.

Turtle lake

Day 115/365 - Frozen Turtle lake in Tbilisi

Another Panorama photography form Turtle lake in Tbilisi. That day lake was frozen and I made a lovely capture here, which latter post processed in Adobe Lightroom to add some drama here. Above image gathered 15 faves and 6 comments on Flickr, but again my post about Turtle lake went viral on Facebook, attracting about 100 likes and shares there.


Day 100/365 Crowd at Juliet's balcony in Verona Italy

On January 2, 2016 we visited World famous Juliet's balcony in Verona. Above image gathered just 13 faves a 1 comment

The Bottom Line

January, thus on sick leave was very interesting month for photography, I took at least one photo each day in manual mode (no shortcuts here). I increased my follower base from 90 to 102 on Flickr.  For couple of last months it seems my follower growth rate has slowed done here. Frankly speaking Flickr probably is not the best tool if you are looking for a quick recognition, Facebook can do much better work for you. But I like Flickr over Facebook for photography for one reason - Flickr is photography oriented. 

Now I would only appreciate if you would follow me on Flickr as well.