Picking Up Travel Niche Website

Updated: 17 March, 2017 seen 1,387

I've been working with travel niche for the past 4 or 5 years, both as informative portals and hotel reservation sites. For now - I can say, travel niche websites are hard as hell, at least for me.

Update: I've abandoned any further works on this niche site after couple of month since the launch, as I decided to limit my travel niche websites to my personal travel notes, let's say instead of travel niche website I'm on never ending way to build an travel authority site, see: All about Georgia or Indie Travel sections


Though, I've noticed a few patterns I have done wrong until now, like - starting to pick up an too easy niche, where there is too little or no audience all, or going on to too competitive niches, with huge competition.

This month I've launched one travel website niche site, I'm not too familiar with, but in developing process I feel excited, by learning new stuff and other.

So what's about new travel website niche site?

My idea is to create a smaller travel guide for some region of France. 

By checking Google Adwords, what advertisers are willing to spend their money for - France seems good idea.

  • I have been there many times, 
  • I can speak a little French
  • I love France
  • I'm willing some day to buy there some small house, sit back and relax.

So  - I have passion about France, now it's time to learn more, and create a travel website about France.

By knowing my previous experience, I'm not going to create a ultimate France Travel Guide, I'll go for smaller region or even city.

Next thing - I must find low competition good keywords to start my niche.

At start of this month I launched a new niche site, and it's starting to rank in Google, pretty modest results so far, but another pattern I have experienced - by launching new site, it's not enough 4-5 articles, like I did this time. Those 4-5 articles was ranked by Google pretty soon, but then for another week - no results, so in the last week I added some 25 new related, good articles, and they are just starting to pick up by Google.

So invest some time to generate at least 30 articles, before launching new site, best if you have done some keyword research for those articles, and probably even better if those keywords are from low competition.

That said - I'm heading for another niche.


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