'Piece of Life' Photo project turns One

Updated: 13 November, 2017 seen 178

It was on November 14th, 2015 when a new project inside the frames of my blog was born - Piece of Life -  a photo project run by two.

Piece of Life mostly features images that didn't find a separate photo story or in most cases just looks great and tells a story. See: 2017 Piece of Life Top Photos

A brief background:

I decided to run this project as a separate entity inside the frames of my blog for two reasons: Firstly, I'm an author of about 50% of images made for Piece of Life, so yes I have a voice to be heard by the other 50%. Second - we could go with a separate photo project website, most probably beautifully built on Drupal, but here is the catch - I didn't wanted to spend a lot of time and effort by building a separate  website before my mine blog (the one you are currently reading) hasn't reached 100,000 unique visitors per month. Back then blog averaged at about 40,000 users per month. And by now it has grown to about 60,000 users per month.

By implementing Piece of Life on the blog - I was looking for a simple thing - to kill two birds with one stone. To have a nice and interesting, supplementing content for blog, to raise the number of visitors. Now a year later I can tell for sure - indeed I have supplemented and diversified the content, Speaking of numbers - Nah, I didn't make much difference. And, that makes me think - I was right when decided to implement this project on already established brand, rather to go and build a new one from scratch.

Technical background

Piece of Life runs on a Drupal CMS, although it may seem they are just regular blog posts, they are not. That's the power of using Drupal. All content from Piece of Life is entered as separate content from the main website, and yes they are still on the main website. I just really love Drupal. 

Speaking of numbers

Piece of Life content has generated humble 2,960 page views in the last year (November 14, 2015 - November 13, 2016), which makes very modest 0.35% of total website page views

Top 10 articles on Piece of Life

It was interesting to travel back in time using Google Analytics and see which articles made it to the TOP 10. 9 out of 10 articles are covering Georgia. Impressive.


The Bottom Line

The Piece of Life project definitely is not a commercial project, yes you can see few Google AdSense ad units next to the articles. Those ad units have made very humble $2.18 in fact.. Piece of Life is a good way to spend our free time and share amazing photography, by learning new things. On the other hand I'm looking ways to increase the overall share for Piece of Life content to about 1% and, thus the money is not the case this time - it would be cool to get some $20 from Google AdSense. Easy reachable goals in fact.