Planing online marketing campaign

Updated: 21 August, 2014 seen 1,021

I must admit it may be harder to acquire new customers when nobody knows about you, no matter how good you or your services are. After quite a long vacation I decided to take another look at my marketing strategy, and for now I must admit it sucks. 

I'm talking about web development - For now I'm having some long term customers, and that's great, but I'm looking for growth. Yes we can discus about SEO, viral marketing and other. This time I decided to talk about Paid marketing. 

I'm considering to spend some amount of money in Google Adwords and Facebook promoted posts to generate leads for my Drupal web development company.

The budget for now is not very high. I'm willing to spend $100 in one month. Spending $5/day for seven days to promote posts on Facebook, and spending $75 for one month on Google Adwords.

I have some experience already with Facebook promoted posts, but I have just theoretical knowledge of spending money on Adwords.

After spending $100 in my 30 day marketing activities I'm hopping to acquire at least one customer. For testing purposes I decided to offer some great value for cheap money. In positive case I should earn $100.

Let's see how it will work!


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