Removing Google Adsense Ads From Blog For Next 10 days

I have been using Google Adsense on my blog from start of this January. The results from Google Adsense earnings are pretty modest not to say pathetic. In total for last 7 monts I have earned $64.53.

One of the things I have noticed lately CTR rates are down to pretty serious 0.50%. For the best months I have had CTR rate around 2%. And this makes me worried.

Well there is 2 explanations I can find here:

  • Google Adsense serves bad not interesting ads on my blog
  • It's seasonal

I believe it's combination of both of them.

One thing I messed up with my Adsense, I created a custom channels, and set that I'm interested into hotel advertisers - and in result I got 99% ads related to hotels. Still - hotel related content on my blog is less than 2%, so this could mess up my Ads.

How I got the feeling that hotel ads might the problem? 

I was using proxy services to check what ads are displayed on my sites, and that confirmed my concerns of too many hotel ads.


If you run a hotel niche related site and use Google Adsense to monetize your site - you might find it very attractive to have defined custom channels with hotel related advertisers.

So starting today, till end of the August I'm removing Google Adsense from my blog completely.

What I could get from this?

First I hope since I'm removing Custom Channels targeted for hotels, hotel ads will disappear at all. By doing simple Google Adsense removal I hope after enabling them back Google will re-crawl my site and display both contextual and interest based ads (I have a privacy policy page where you can learn more about ads served on my blog)

If you will take a look at my last month income report, you will find I'm using not only Google Adsense to monetize my blog, I have opted in for Affiliate marketing as well, so I will continue to earn (at least I hope so) with affiliate marketing as well.

Actually I'm glad I have affiliate on board, I'm more flexible and have more space for maneuvrs - and best of it - I'm not putting all eggs in one basket. Although if you are a Warren Buffett's fan (I'm) you could  find his reverse approach by putting all eggs in one basket. That's life!! It's complicated, you never know. You can only predict. 

I can reveal that my earnings for this now in this month from Google Adsense stays as low as $5.29.

Time will show and my onlince income report for September will reveal did actions taken today has helped me to increase revenue from Google Adsense or not.

I still have my affiliate programs on board, and the fact is - in this month there gonna be a big jump in overall income. I will reveal all details in my August income report at start of the September.

Now, what's is your thoughts - could removing Google Adsense from site completely for 10 days could mean better CTR and more clicks after?

Leave me your comment bellow!


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