Results of another Facebook experiment

Updated: 31 January, 2016 seen 1,163

Week ago, I posted, that I will make Facebook experiment, to see how many traffic drives to my site. To measure results I used Google Custom URL builder.

Week ago Facebook fan page had 1117 fans, as of today it has 1137 fans, but not about fans, but about traffic driven to site, I will write. 

Since today I made a boost post feature for one of my Facebook posts, the time frame for this experiment covers 6 (not 7, as I wanted before) days, from 28.12.2013-02.01.2014.

In those 6 days, page attracted modest 24 visitors, from which just 3!!! where from my Fan page.

On Facebook fan page I posted 8 posts with link. 

So do you think it's fair, that Facebook fan page with more than 1000 fans, in 6 day period can attract just 3 visitors to site? 

Results of this experiments is clear for me - Facebook fan page with out some serious marketing (Boost) is just waste of your time. If you have money - go for it, Facebook boost can give you some real advantage. Without boost your posts will be shown to some 10% of your Fans if you are lucky. In case of me, the result is some 1-4%.