Return of Google traffic

Updated: 24 January, 2022 seen 671

I'm not sure is it due to some new Google algorithm update or not. But in the last 3 days, I'm seeing significant improvement in search traffic.

Last year in the second half of August search traffic from Google dropped to 0. Overall it took about 5 months to recover. The thing is - I'm not sure what for I'm (was) recovering.

One of the ideas - I had too many affiliate links, but on other hand - I doubt that because each link was on a separate page.

Anyway - here are my thoughts, you should do to recover if your search traffic is lost/ or you don't want to get banned.

  • Don't panic! When we panic, we do a lot of stupid things. Stay calm and investigate. Look into Google Webmasters for any messages, check if your site name ranks.
  • Get backlinks. I guess it is still one of the most important things. I exchanged backlinks with a few related sites, and maybe that helped me, maybe not. As said - I'm not sure. But backlinks won't harm you. Just do it right with the right sites.
  • Improve your on-site SEO. Check for that H1, H2, H3, title=" alt", and other little SEO things - might help you.
  • Use a trusted Content Management System, with a good and trusted theme. In my case, I'm using Drupal - and SEO for Drupal is not out of the box. If you use WordPress, stay with it and don't play much with custom theme editing. Use Content Management systems to spread your word. I'm a developer, building things from scratch.. and so sometimes I might get in trouble with SEO (just sometimes). It doesn't mean Drupal is bad, and WordPress is Good. Both are good. Just some are better out of the box for SEO.
  • Content, content, content - Content was, is, and will be the king. Write great content that is good for people and search will follow. 
  • Social marketing - spend some bucks to get traffic from alternative sources, like Facebook