Romania - a brief overview

Yesterday I took a brief overview of Moldova, today I'm willing to briefly see how neighbouring Romania looks like. 

Romania - basic data

  • Population: 21.33
  • GDP: 169.4 billion USD (2012)
  • GDP per capita: 7.942 thousands USD (2012)

Romania since 2007 is a full member state of European Union. Together with Bulgaria they counts as poorest countries in EU in terms of wealth. Although Romania is about 4 times richer than neighbouring Moldova, it is about 5 times poorer than Germany. 

Since entering European Union back in 2007, GDP of Romania has stayed the same in 2012, with expectation, that it reached it's pike in 2008 - reaching 204 billions USD. I believe that not all are happy with European choice in Romania, but would Romania succeed better without EU? Again doubt that.

According to IMF prognosis till 2019, it's expected that Romania's GDP will rise to 288.662 billions USD. It's about one third in next 5 years. It's awaited to see GDP per capita in 2019 about $13.53 what is about one half of today's Romanian GDP.

It's taking too much time to develop former countries from Iron Curtain. I mean it's already some 24 years passed since collapse of Soviet Union, and still the difference between Richer and Poorer Europe is making a huge gap.