Setting my first Google Adsense goal

Updated: 24 February, 2016 seen 1,656

I have been blogging for a while already, just recently I published my first online income report for a grand total of eight dollars. Eight dollars made from Google AdSense.

Update: I cracked my Google AdSense goal for $40/mo 19 months latter. Read more: How I Reached My Google AdSense Goal To Make $40.00/mo In 19 months

It is not that I haven't been using Google AdSense prior to this blog -  I have been using Google AdSense for many low traffic websites since 2009. Since 2009 I have earned penny's through Google AdSense - little bit more than $100.

Buddy, that sucks! Yup, for almost five year term - it's nothing. It's about $20 a year, or about $1.66 in a month, or $0.05 a day. 

Why Google AdSense earnings are so low?

My AdSense earnings was so low, because of two reasons:

  • I haven't been using them for all the 5 year period. Actually, I have been using them for max 1 year period. 

So it makes $100 in a year, or $8.33 in a month, or $0.27 i a day. That's better, but still modest results I could get.

  • Low traffic websites (barely cracking 1,000 visitors per month)

For a life span of previous 5 years, I have not paid much attention to CTR, CPC and other indicators. 

Setting my first Google AdSense goal

For first time I will set a goal - how much I want to earn with AdSense.

I decided to stay low - and earn enough with AdSense to break even my Linode VPS hosting bills. Wait.. I know you can get a super cheap hosting from Bluehost for less than $5/mo. I have some plan of expanding my traffic in future so I invest early and I'm happy with that.

And so - $40/month - my first AdSense goal.

It's not about how much, it's about how worth

$40 seems reasonable amount of money. But we still must define or goal - how to achieve it. 

  • CTR
  • CPC
For example = if CTR is about 4% and CPC is about 0.20, then we need about 200 clicks and 5000 visitors to achieve $40.
Or another example, if CTR is about 2% and CPC is about $1.00, then wee need 40 clicks and 2000 visitors to achieve $40.
As you can see - visitor count doesn't mean much. More you will get, if you will optimize you CPC and CTR values. As far I have seen - CPC rates will vary for you depending from region you are targeting for, and of course niche you are working. So let the journey begins to complete my first goal - to achieve $40/month from Google AdSense