Sold 1420 Shares of Blackstone (LON:BGLF) at EUR 0.65

Updated: 19 May, 2021 seen 15

On January 5, 2021, I sold the remaining 1420 shares of Blackstone (LON:BGLF) at EUR 0.65 to free up some buying power

We have been holding BGLF stock since 2018, in general, I still like the stock, but my investment philosophy has changed and I'm not interested anymore to hold stocks without options on the London stock exchange.

From the money received I freed up the buying power by some EUR 1,000 which should be enough to avoid liquidity issues at the end of the week (January 8 options expiry)

One the option contract will be over I will re-invest money received from BGLF in some other optionable stock, possible candidates are: BCRX, ATEC, SOLO