Sold AAPL stock to decrease negative cash balance and avoid margin call

Updated: 17 December, 2021 seen 40

Wow, it happened earlier than I thought.

Just a few days ago I announced that to avoid possible margin calls in the future I'm stopping buying dividend-paying stock until I will decrease my negative cash balance to -EUR 12,000

With the recent sell of in tech stocks I did almost face a margin call today, to avoid it, I decided to sell of all 16 shares with AAPL stock I had to free up my margin and decrease negative cash balance.

AAPL stock price December 17, 2021
AAPL stock price December 17, 2021

I started buying AAPL stock at the end of October, during my 52 week challenge. In less than two month I made $197 profit or about 7.7% gain.

Unfiortunetly I will need to start over my challenge. And now I'm thinking of buying at least 3 AAPL stock per week. Will see.